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How confident are you with column addition?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    Very confident 😀

  2. Nikoo Reply

    Very x infinity!!!! ;D

  3. Aruma Reply

    Its my favourite method.

  4. sasha Reply

    I’m so confident. The best method ever

  5. Martha Reply

    Extraordinarily confident!

  6. Cameron Reply

    I’m very confident 🙂 !!!

  7. Euan Reply

    Its ok for me.

  8. josh&stan Reply

    i really enjoy addition i am confident. [josh]
    addition is a really fun method.I like column addition the most[Stan]

  9. Elly Reply

    very confident

  10. Ivy Reply

    I feel very confident.

  11. nicola Reply

    I am very very very very confident. Its my fave method !!!

  12. fletcher Reply

    it is my favourite method because my dad taught me it and also i got in good work assembly for it :3

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