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Dino Homework Project

We’re really looking forward to seeing your dinosaur projects next week.  Can you post here what your presentation will be about or what you will be bringing in?

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  1. Onett Reply

    My presentation will be a book about the Spinosaurus, I chose this because of the new discovery…

  2. sara Reply

    I have done my homework project my dino is the diplodocus and I called it dodo because D is for diplodocus and the other D is for dino.

  3. M@NI Reply

    I’m currently making my project on Baryonyx … 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Joe Reply

    I have done my project on a T-rex because it is my favourite dino of all time.

  5. Kian Reply

    I’m making a power point fact file about 10 different dinosaurs.

  6. Sophia Reply

    I am doing a large cardboard wheel with a smaller one pinned to the front.On the small one there is a triangular window.Around the edge is
    questions and they are different colours and you need to match them up because they are questions and answers.

  7. Mollie Reply

    I am doing a presentation on Brachiosaurus, and it is on Gmail. It is called:

    The enchanted scroll of Brachiosaurus

  8. Chelsea Reply

    For my homework project I am doing a model of a t rex skeleton and it is going to be painted green.Also I am doing a fact sheet about a t rex and it has a picture of it.

  9. lucy and helen Reply

    i am doing a leaflet and a massive badge for my homework
    I am doing a powerpoint presentation.

  10. Travis Reply

    For my project I am doing about The Stegosaurus and I am doing about fossils. I am bringing in a small sculpture of The Stegosaurus made out of plaster and paris and also i am bringing in information about fossils with a Plaster of Paris sculpture of another Dinosaur (witch I am not sure what the name is) So yeah that is what i am doing for my project 😉

  11. Travis Reply

    Also I am bringing in info on the Stegosaurus too! sorry, forgot to include that in my last post :3

  12. ben Reply

    i can not wait to show my homework project 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Mollie Reply

    The scroll is enchanted because I found a picture of Brachiosaurus and it moves! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Jade bowles Reply

    jade: this home work is epic I love dinosaurs and absoulutely love home work going home and doing stuff that we do at school feels like we go to an extra school in a good way not bad at all! I did about a triceratops a big roaring dinosaur I did a model of the three horned face creature but it wasn’t the size it was in real life that would be even bigger than me!

    from jade who loves this home work

  15. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I can’t wait to show my homework project with Ben

  16. Harry Reply

    I can’t wait to show my homework protect with Ben.

  17. Oscar (school council) Reply

    I can’t wait to do my project on I’m not telling you yet! Suspense…

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