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Alice or Harris in Numberland

What is the most imaginative feature or character in your version of Numberland? Why not post some of the trickiest maths problems you’ve written for Alice or Harris?

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  1. class4 Reply

    I love to see maths done in a different and fun way. Please can I read them when they’re finished? Mrs Campbell gave the teachers a little preview- I was very impressed and excited!

    Mrs Hearson

  2. Caleb Reply

    The trickiest maths problem for Harris in my story is when the Number Queen asks “If i capture 458 ones, 247 twos, 439, threes, 859 fours, 993 fives, 483 sixes, 749 eights and 6576 nines how many Robo-Sevens could I make?”

  3. Edward Reply

    i have a realy rythmic character in my story who’s some sort of witch.

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