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Because we’re happy…

I’m really excited about your happiness homework projects and a great big thanks to Huw for making us all so happy with his cake today!

What are you planning to bring along next week? Is it a dance, a song, a poem, a work of Art? Or perhaps it’s a surprise?!

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  1. Martha Reply

    I’m doing my dance to ‘skip to the good bit’ that I did at the Barbican on Sunday.

  2. Caleb Reply

    I am going to play my guitar!

  3. ellie b Reply

    i am going to play my guitar and sing price tag

  4. Nikoo Reply

    It’s a surprise

    • cameron Reply

      What is it come on tell me please 🙂

  5. cameron Reply

    I played the piano and did a picture of a boy in manga and a girl in manga.

  6. cameron Reply

    Were listening to lady gaga lol Toby is a dancing Qeen

  7. cameron Reply

    lets get ready to rumble

  8. ellie Reply

    iam making buns and making a power point.

  9. Tom Reply

    Playing my Harmonica.

  10. cameron Reply

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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