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AMAZING Air Raid Shelter ! 

On Monday Class 9 started the afternoon off by rushing in to a 1940s air raid shelter! When we got in, we had a clear experience of what it would be like to be sheltered away during an air raid. Inside the shelter, Class 9 members felt sweaty and confused. To pass the time, we drew on paper but only small pieces as they would not of had A4 sheets like we do now. On this paper we drew a picture of our families or people in the shelter with us. The whole class really enjoyed the air raid shelter experience even though it was very hot!

We shared our thoughts on the experiences and feelings of those who really did have to escape to safety during an air raid and then researched more facts about the outbreak of WW2.

Class 9: How did you feel in the air raid shelter? What would you do in there to pass time?

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  1. jessie Reply

    I really enjoyed this experience , it was quite hot in there.

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