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Amazing Enterpise and Rockin’ Rights!

This afternoon, the year 5s and 6s from classes 8 and 9 split into three different groups: the year 5s worked together with Mrs Steel on our new Park Grove rights, whilst the Year 6s split into two groups for an exciting afternoon of enterprising!

In class 9, whilst the other year 6s had a workshop with NatWest, we learnt about different businesses and different business models, such as John Lewis, and we put our business heads on to develop ideas for a new company and product. After this we explored how to market (sell) the products creating effective, and purposely bad adverts! We’re all excited to see how these enterprise projects develop even further! 

Then, to finish the day, the year 5s taught us all the new song about the rights!

Class 9 – what have you enjoyed about this afternoon?

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  1. Jessie Reply

    I really enjoyed this activety because it was really fun and I am going to help the little ones today.

  2. Olivia Reply

    Even though i wasnt in the Jonh Lewis it looks really fun and exciting .

  3. Molly Reply

    That sounds like alot of fun

  4. Charlotte Reply

    i really enjoyed making an assembly on the rights. it was really fun going in little groups and i’m sure that it was really good. What the year 6s were doing looked really fun and intriguing as well!

  5. mai metcalfe Reply

    I liked what we did in the hall about the rights.

  6. jasmine Reply

    i really enjoyed doing this work sheet as we learnt all about business and it was really exciting

  7. charlie hodgson Reply

    i really enjoyed doing the john lewis project

  8. Becca Reply

    I really enjoyed our assembly we did on 5 rights i can’t believe we only had 1 hour to practise and then show to 3 classes.

  9. Manon Reply

    I took part in the John Lewis project! It was all about business and I can’t wait for the trip to the shop next Wednesday! I’m looking forward to learning about profits and how a shop business works. I really enjoyed working as a group creating a booklet about selling our own outdoor play equipment! : )

  10. Tia Reply

    I really enjoyed doing a performance to other children and loved the song !

  11. Beatrice King Reply

    My most favourite part of the day was doing the assembly and learning a new song

  12. PolinaS@parkgrove Reply

    I really enjoyed doing this! I think it really was a great idea and it builds up your thoughts a lot. It was SO fun when we did a performance of RESPECT. Maybe the year 6s should try it. Don’t you think?

  13. Franchesca Reply

    I really enjoyed this year 5 assembly. It was a very creative idea and it was so so fun and great. It had lots of inclusion in this assembly. :3

  14. chloe-amelie Reply

    after lunch all the year fives started to plan a play or a presentation about the five rights. me, charlotte,pujani, laura and shelby did a short play about playing safely. we pretended that pujani and laura were bullies and the were punching shelby ( pretend) and me and charlotte were trying to stop them and we did in the end and we said all the playing safely rules that park grove takes seriously. today me,pujani, laura and shelby are going to do it again for ks1 and reception yesterday we did for y3, y4 and y5 because y6’s were doing some existing work.

  15. Aaron Reply

    this was extremely fun and inclusive for all the year fives.we talked to class 5 6 7 about are rights in school

  16. Manon Reply

    I can’t wait ’till nextweek! We are taking a trip to John Lewis and I’m so excited! I’m looking forward to many things, including exploring the shop and asking the staff about what it’s like to work there.

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