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Exploring Cuboids

In maths today, we explored different everyday cuboid objects, estimating the sizes of each length, width and height and sketched ideas for the net. This helped our understanding to support us creating our own nets for an upcoming art project!

Class 9 – what do you need to remember when creating nets? 

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  1. shelby smith Reply

    this was amazing

  2. Molly Reply

    You have to keep the flaps and not cut them out. 🙂

  3. shannon Reply

    this was very tricky but i had lots of fun i cant wait to make the shape with a net

  4. Elle Reply

    I loved working with 3D shapes and nets.

  5. Charlie Reply

    I loved working with 3D shapes because they all have different sized nets and different volume and require different skill levels of math to work out even if they are hard you will eventually get there.

  6. Jessie Reply

    I really like this activety .

  7. jasmine Reply

    i really enjoyed doing this piece of work i cant wait to finish it of for next week

  8. Charlotte Reply

    I really enjoyed this maths lesson but it was very tense cutting the shapes because i was afraid that i was going to mess up!

  9. Manon Reply

    I need to remember to cut around the flaps and cut carefully and slowly (and neatly!). I can’t wait to explore the forth-coming art project!

  10. chloe-amelie Reply

    the cuboids were really fun to cut out and research about i had so much fun. i think every one in class will be really excited for making them and im so happy fr what they going to be made for

  11. PolinaS@parkgrove Reply

    This was a lot of fun! It was a fab lesson to explore all about cuboids. I can’t wait till next week so that we can make the cuboids out of paper

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