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Ancient Egyptian Hierarchy…

Today we have been learning about the hierarchy in Ancient Egypt and we all presented it in the form of a pyramid. What were the main categories and order did they go in? What can you tell me about the different categories?

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  1. Dylan Reply

    I enjoyed doing this activity and found ot really very easy!

  2. Mae Reply

    the pharaoh was at the top and at the bottom was servants and slaves.

  3. Molly Reply

    . pharaoh (1)
    . high pretests(2)
    . scribe(3)
    . artists and craftsmen(4)
    . workers and farmers (5)
    . slaves and servants (6)

  4. Layla Reply

    First went the Pharaoh next went Priest, Nobles and the vizier after was the scribes next was the craftsmen and Artists then the Farming and peasants and then the servants and slaves.

  5. lucas Reply

    The servants do all the work for the pharaoh.

  6. William Reply

    It started of with the most well known and rich people, first went the Pharaoh then the High priests, Vizier, Nobles, Scribes ,craftsmen, artists, peasants, Farmers, servants and finally Slaves who were often captured enemies from other countries.

  7. jake Reply

    i loved it . it was fun i want to do it again

  8. Abby Reply

    The pharaoh was the king of Egypt and I think his deputy was the Vizier but i’m not to sure but i think that it is correct!

  9. Alexander Reply

    First at the top was the Pharaoh, then the vizier, priest and nobles, after that was the Scribes, next is the artist and craftsmen, next again is the farmers and workers and finally the slaves.

  10. Oleg Reply

    I would like to be a skilled artist or craftsman

  11. Jacob Reply

    Skilled craftsmen and Artists
    Farmers and Workers

  12. Jaimie Reply

    At the top was the pharoah, who was regarded as God of the Earth
    Next the nobles, high priests and viziers.
    Then the scribes came as they were the only people who could read and write.
    After that the skilled craftsmen because they made lots of objects.
    Pernultimately, the peasant farmers and workers.
    Finally, the servants and slaves. Most of these were captured in war.

  13. Holly Reply

    1. Pharaoh.
    2. Viziers, Nobles and High priests.
    3. Scribes.
    4. Skilled workers and craftsmen.
    5. Peasant farmers and workers.
    6. Slaves and servants who were captured in war.

  14. Holly Reply

    I greatly adored doing this activity and learning some more information about the ancient Egyptians.

  15. gaurie Reply

    Well first there was the pharaoh then the vizier and nobles, next came scribes then workers and craftsmen.Penultimately farmers and peasant workers last but not least the slaves and servants who were captured and held back in war.

  16. libby Reply

    I’ve enjoyed doing this activity it was really fun 🙂

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