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Table Tennis Tournament – The Advert!

The Table Tennis Tournament kicks off next Monday. Fixtures are outside every Key Stage 2 classroom. To commemorate the start of this exciting event, the Table Tennis Committee and our two reporters for this tournament (Ava and Ellie D) have filmed a short advert telling you all about the tournament. The link is below – hope you enjoy! Spread the word on this video….





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  1. libby Reply

    good luck to everyone in the table tennis tournament and also try your best 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Bailey Reply

      Great stffu, you helped me out so much!

  2. jake Reply

    i cant wait it will be so fun

  3. William Reply

    Cant wait to start good luck Josh!

  4. Ava Reply

    I’m really excited for the table tennis tournament this year!

    Good luck to everyone is competing! 😀

  5. Holly Reply

    I can’t wait! I am prepared and eager to play table tennis.

  6. Jaimie Reply

    Sadly, it is not letting me watch it, but I am sure it is great and I would adore seeing it.

  7. zuzanna Reply

    Me and Ade are watching this table tennis vid and its AWSOME!

  8. Oleg Reply

    The advert was awsome

  9. Klaudia Reply

    I saw some table tennis tournaments on youtube ! 🙂 :):)

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