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Archives Visit

What did you learn from your visit to the Archives in the York Explore Library?

Which flavoured ice-cream did you have?

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  1. Joseph Reply

    I had a strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce. 😀

  2. Klaudia Reply

    I enjoyed reading the letters, and I had mint ice cream- yum!

  3. Alex Reply

    I learnt that children who left the school and went to WW1 left school at 12-13 of age, they had different handwriting to what we have today.
    My flavor of ice-cream was chocolate because it’s so tasty!

  4. mae Reply

    i had chocolate ice cream

  5. William Reply

    I had Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce.
    I also learnt that every soldier from York got a bar of chocolate sent from the mayor of York.

  6. dominic Reply

    that all the soldiers got some chocolate . i had mint flavored

  7. gaurie Reply

    That on Christmas day the soldiers of York got chocolates as a present.(well most of them anyway).(I also learnt that chocolate ice-cream is yumalishious) 😀

  8. Ava Reply

    I had a vanilla ice-cream with strawberry sauce. It was delicious! 😀

  9. lucas Reply

    i had mint chocolate ice cream

  10. Molly Reply

    i learnt what handwriting they used to use.
    i had hokey pokey with sprinkles!

  11. libby Reply

    I learnt that the soldiers could not punctuate or spell their letters right because they left school at the age of 13 – 14

  12. luke Reply

    I learnt that the mayor of York sent boxes of chocolate to the soldiers that lived here. The ice-cream I got was vanilla, IT WAS VERY TASTY!.

  13. libby Reply

    Also I had a vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles on top

  14. khaisi Reply

    i only liked one thing we got to eat ice cream i had hokey pokey

  15. Jaimie Reply

    I learnt that as well as being very grateful to the Mayor of York for sending them chocolate for Christmas, the soldiers in WWI were very loyal to him; they wrote things like ‘I hope to remain yours sincerely’.

  16. Holly Reply

    I learnt a lot about the soldiers, water marks and different types of letters that were sent to The Lord Mayor Of York on the Christmas of 1914. I had hokey pokey ice cream and enjoyed reading he letters as much as eating the ice creams.

  17. Jaimie Reply

    I had a Hokey-Pokey, which is my BEST ICE-CREAM IN THE WORLD!

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