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At the farm

We had a great time at the farm today with year 4. Pictures to follow soon.

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Oh I can’t wait to see the pictures Mr Staite…

    • admin Reply

      And you shall quite soon Miss Sawyer

  2. Lilliana Reply

    If you are in Mr Staites class (which i am in), you will know what happened to Mr Staite. 🙁

    • admin Reply

      Do not worry, my ankle is much better and I shall be back tomorrow.
      Mr Staite

  3. Oliver P Reply

    The farm was fantastic trip I love the tasting . The harvesting was excellent I”m glad I take beetrots home . The were great .

    • Oliver P Reply

      The farm was a fantastic trip. I loved tasting the cheese and fruit. The harvesting excellent, I’m glad I took my beetroots home. They were great. (This was after asked me to check my work!)

      • admin Reply

        I love a bit of checking, a bit of past tense and a bit of beetroot.
        Mr Staite

  4. fletcher Reply

    it was a TOTALLY EPIC trip we harvested tons of yummy food

  5. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I’m glad to heat that your ankle got better Mr Staite!

  6. nicola Reply

    I love trying new food .The trip was great

  7. Holly Reply

    It must have been a really good trip then? I wonder what fruit and vegatbles the year 4s brought back?

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