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A “Big Question”

I have realised how much all the children in class 2 like to think about things and share their ideas, so each week I thought it’d be a nice idea to have a “Big Question” to think about over the week, which can help us in our topic and science lessons.

So, our first “Big Question” is:

“Can a hedgehog live in the Arctic?”

Have a think about this question and share your ideas with someone at home. We will learning about hedgehogs and other animals – from this country and from polar places – this week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mr Baines

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  1. class4 Reply

    That’s a really interesting question. I’d love to know the answer too! One thing I do know about hedgehogs is that babies are called hoglets, which I think is so cute!

    Mrs Hearson

  2. class1 Reply

    Really?! I didn’t know that and I’m sure I should have. I’ll think about your big question too but we do know rather a lot about the Arctic in class 1 so I’m sure our class could answer your question quite easily.
    We’ll have a chat on Monday and get back to you!
    Ms Lamb

  3. Mr Wilson Reply

    They curl up and hibernate in leaves in this country – would they hibernate in mini snowballs?

  4. class2 Reply

    That’s a very interesting idea, Mr Wilson. We learnt that Arctic foxes curl up into a ball too, but they do at least have a large, fluffy tail to keep them warm!
    Ms Lamb, we’re very interested to find out what you think in Class 2!

  5. NELLIE Reply

    NO! becos it hibnaites in the winter.
    it likes sumer.

    • class2 Reply

      That’s a very good point, Nellie! I recently learnt that hedgehogs wake up from hibernation for a few weeks in winter, eat some more food to build up their fat, and then go back to their hibernation sleep again.

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