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We’ve been interviewing each other this week and have been using lots of different types of questions in order to get the most interesting responses. If you could interview anyone at all, who would it be and what would you like to ask them?

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  1. rudy Reply

    If I could choose anyone i would do karim Benzema and I would ask him if you could choose from any countries qualified for the world cup what country would you play for?

  2. Max R Reply

    I would interview Cristiao Ronaldo and ask him what is the best part of being famous and what is he worst part.

  3. Leila Reply

    I would ask Usain Bolt and ask how did you train to be so fast?

  4. Caleb Reply

    I’d ask the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog “Were did you get the idea?”

  5. Euan Reply

    I’d interview Daniel Radcliffe and ask him if he always wanted to be an actor before he was in Harry Potter.

  6. Amy Reply

    I would do Ant and Dec because I’ve don’t know anything about them.

  7. Ellie B Reply

    I would Interview Heston Blumenthal and ask him why he chooses to present his dishes in such strange ways?

  8. Tom Chambers Reply

    Richard Hammond.

    What was the most embarrassing moment on total wipe out.:]:]:]

  9. eddie Reply

    If I could interview anyone, it would probably be Derek Landy and I would ask him if there is going to be a 9th Skulduggery Pleasant.

  10. Alfie Reply

    I would ask Steven Gerrard what he thinks is his best goal of all his career is.

  11. oliver Reply

    I would do Ronaldo because his birthday is 2 days after mine

  12. Katie Reply

    I would interview Nick Park and ask him how he gets Wallace’s head so smooth and accurate?

  13. Lauren Reply

    I would interview David Walliams as I think he is really funny. I would ask him why he writes books?

  14. Amira Reply

    I’d ask Usain Bolt do you think you have to train to be a fast runner or do you have to be a natural?

  15. Huw Reply

    I would interview Usain Bolt and ask him why he eats so many chicken nuggets?

  16. Ellie P Reply

    I would ask Jennifer Lawrence “Where do you get your inspiration from?”

  17. Morgan Reply

    I would interview Joe Hart as he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

  18. Lydia Reply

    If I could interview any famous person, it would be Suzanne Collins. My first question would be: “How did you come up with such great storylines for your Hunger Games trilogy?” 🙂

  19. Toby Reply

    If I could interview anyone it would be my favorite musician Matt Bellamy.

    I would ask him if he ever gets free time when he’s not touring with Muse.

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