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Brazil Facts…

Well done Class 5 for your efforts this afternoon. You really impressed with your atlas skills and general knowledge about Brazil.

What key facts must one know about Brazil?!

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  1. Joseph Williams Reply

    The capital of Brazil is Brasilia

  2. reuben Reply

    I found those facts interesting but the one you must is that the capital city is Brasilia and it has the second longest river in the world the Amazon.

  3. Onett Reply

    It is located in south America : it’s the largest country on it.
    Further more most of the river Amazon flows on it. The capital city is Brasilia other MAJOR cities are

  4. lewkas Holt Reply

    Brazil is in south America.

  5. Joseph Williams Reply

    Also the biggest river in Brazil is the river Amazon! Its 4000 miles long

  6. Lucas Reply

    Brazil have won the world cup 5 times

  7. stan Reply

    Did you know that the world cup is in brazil in 2014

  8. Joseph Williams Reply

    As well as that, the population for Brazil 2014 is 198 million people.

  9. Shannon Reply

    74% of people in Brazil are Catholics and in Brazil speak Portuguese and the longest river in Brazil is the Amazon river

  10. Helen Reply

    I remember that the pacific ocean was near Brazil and the amazon river flows through Brazil.

  11. Elle rigby Reply

    Brazil has won the world cup 5 times.

  12. Betsy Leach Reply

    in Brazil they speak Portuguese.

  13. lucy Reply

    i now know a lot of facts about Brazil like the Amazon river is 6400 kilometers(about 4000 miters)!Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world.The continent of Brazil is South America.The most popular sport in Brazil is Football!

  14. Mollie Reply

    Mollie:I didn’t learn this one I already knew it.The amazon river has animals living around it like capybaras.

  15. Sophie Reply

    The continent of Brazil is called South America. Brazil is the biggest country in South America. The River that runs through Brazil is called The Amazon.

  16. Sophia and Minnie Reply

    -Brazil is the only country in south america that speaks Portuguese.
    -In Brazil there are 198 million people.

  17. Ella Reply

    They have won 5 world cups and it is the biggest country in South America.

  18. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    The capital,rivers and oceans around,neighbors,languages,religion and other facts like where it is in the world and what their favorite sport is.

  19. Ben Reply

    Did we all enjoy learning about brazil? Absolutely!

  20. Millie Reply

    Brazil is the only countru in South America that speak portuguese.

  21. lewkas Reply

    Brazil is one of the biggest countrys.

  22. Ella Reply

    The biggest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo I think.

  23. Scarlet Reply

    The oceans that surround Brazil are called Atlantic and the Pacific.

  24. Mollie Reply

    Brazil is the largest country in South America and the 5th largest in the world.
    In Brazil they speak Portuguese whilst the rest of South America speak Spanish.

  25. Betsy Leach Reply

    Brazil is one of the 5th largest countries in the world!

  26. Joseph Williams Reply

    In south America they speak Spanish except for Brazil because in Brazil they speak Portuguese!!

  27. Chelsea Reply

    Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world.

  28. Onett Perera Reply

    The river Amazon is the second longest river in the world (which flows mostly on Brazil). The longest river in the world is the river Nile.

  29. Chelsea Reply

    Brazil is the biggest country in south America.

  30. Joe Reply

    they are the best at foot ball they have won the world cup 5 times.

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