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Breakfast- what is your favourite?

Next Monday we will be looking at how important it is to have a good breakfast.

What do you have for breakfast? Is it the same thing every day?

What about the rest of your family? Do they have different things from you?

May be you could write a list of different food and drink that your family has for breakfast ovcerealer the next few days. If you manage it please bring it in to show us. 

My favourite breakfast is porridge with brown sugar sprinkled on the top. What is your favourite breakfast?

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  1. Eurwen Reply

    my favourite breakfast is weetos and porridge. My mum has toast. Euan’s favourite breakfast is porridge. My daddy’s favourite breakfast is toast marmite.

  2. Ellissia Reply

    My favourite is porridge

  3. class4 Reply

    Thank you Ellissia and Eurwen for answering my question about breakfast. It looks like porridge is a firm favourite in class 4!
    Mrs Carr-Brion

  4. Mrs Chambers Reply

    I usually have porridge with berries. But on a weekend I have a nice cooked breakfast, as I have more time.

  5. toby clarke Reply

    my favourite is shreadies

  6. freddie Reply

    My favourite breakfast is toast with chocolate spread.

    • class4 Reply

      That sounds yummy!
      Thank you for your comment.

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