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Egg-citing news!

A mysterious egg has been discovered by Class 4! The strange object was found in the school wildlife area by Mrs Stone who couldn’t believe her eyes. She rushed straight back to the school and broke the exciting news to us all; we couldn’t wait to go and investigate! When we got to the egg, we noticed that there were some small droplets of water on it, and after much discussion, we decided we would take care of the egg and find a nice container of water for the egg to grow in. It is believed that when Miss Thomas and Mrs Stone placed the egg in the water, the egg gurgled with happiness and bubbles escaped from the top before it sank to the bottom of the jar. Who knows what may hatch from inside? Watch this space!

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  1. Miss Clayton Reply

    Very exciting news class 4! I am looking forward to finding out what is inside the mysterious egg!

    • J@de Reply

      Same I bet Luke enjoyed it 🙂

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