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Which job did you apply for? Can you remember the reasons you chose about why you should get that job? If so, please write them here!

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  1. Layla Reply

    I applied to be a all animal vet 😉 😉 😉 I chose to be this because I love animals so much 🙂

  2. William Reply

    My C.V was to be chief executive of KFC!

  3. jake Reply


  4. Klaudia Reply

    I want to be a proffesional horse rider . 🙂

  5. katy Reply

    I applied for a job as a year 1 teacher as I love little children lots!! 🙂

  6. Tom.C Reply

    I applied to be a banker! I am very good at sorting and helping people out.

  7. Zuzanna Reply

    I applied for working at the RSPCA

  8. mae Reply

    I applyed to become a magician. I used to work at a traveling circus and i was on tv with Dynamo.

  9. Ava Reply

    I applied for zoo keepeer.

  10. Dan Reply

    I WAS LEIGHTON BAINES because he plays for Everton:D

  11. Ade Reply

    When I am older I can’t wait to get a job at a cafe 🙂

  12. lucas Reply

    i applyed for a footballer.

  13. Joseph Reply

    I applied to be a windows computer engineer 🙂

  14. dominic Reply

    i applied to work at the game

  15. gaurie Reply

    I wanted to be a G.P.:D

  16. William Reply

    I chose it because i love KFC and also i am good at maths so i could work out the profit! 🙂

  17. khaiyy Reply

    i want be a doctor so i can help people in real life not on the xbox or a lap-top i want to specialize on help cure diseases or a medic (surgeon)

  18. Tomas Reply

    I applied to be to be Barcelona’s center forward.

  19. olivia Reply

    I applied for my mum’s business dog clothes I wanted to be a designer for them!

  20. Oleg Reply

    I did about being a football who plays for Barcelona in the CAM position.

  21. abby Reply

    i can’t remember!!

  22. Holly Reply

    I applied for a vet and mentioned that I had a strong stomach for gore!

  23. Jaimie Reply

    I chose to be a veterinarian surgeon. I work well on my own and also enjoy working as a team. I am ’29’ and have worked at Piglets Farm and Adventure playground.

  24. luke Reply

    I applied for the job of an engineer, a good job if you want to create somthing, for e.g
    a large bridge or a pipe line.

  25. libby Reply

    In my C.V I applied for Great British bake off presenter (like Mell and Sue) because I love to bake and I love watching the program! hope I get the jog
    (only joking )

  26. Molly Reply

    singer because i go singing class every week

  27. Alexander Reply

    I applied for a part-time job at Game it was enjoyable and one of my hobbies is video-games.

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