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Can you believe…?

Class 6 carried out a survey of their teeth today!

The results were widespread… the amount of teeth the children had in their mouths ranged from 18 to 32! Lots of teeth were missing as we seem to have one falling out in class most days!

So – do you know the difference between molars, incisors and canines class 6? What is the job of each type of tooth?

We will be carrying out 2 science investigations in the next few weeks about teeth. I hope you are looking forward to using your knowledge to plan your investigation and make a good prediction? – Miss Land.


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  1. Ellen (school counci rep) Reply

    A canine is for tearing and ripping food mainly meat. An incisor is for biting into food and a molar is for grinding food.

    • class6 Reply

      Excellent – well done Ellen 🙂 – Miss Land

      • ellen Reply


    • Alexander.S Reply

      you forgot to put l in council

  2. Alexaner.S Reply

    To Miss land

    I loved tasting food!!! My favourite was jelly and my favourite vegtable was apple.I didn’t like putting yogurt in my hands.

    • Alexander.S Reply

      Oops! I meant FRUIT and alexanDer. The fairy has sucked have of my brain out.

      • class6 Reply

        Those fairies have a lot to answer for! – Miss Land.

    • class6 Reply

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed the chew test! I hope the egg test is as successful! – Miss Land.

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