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Caring Class 9…

At the start of our new half term, class 9 discussed an important topic: how to help others who are in a new and unfamiliar situation. As Year 5’s and Year 6’s, it’s important for us to know this as younger or new children join our school and we can help them feel welcome.

Class 9 – how might you help someone who is new or in an unfamiliar situation?

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  1. charlotte

    I would be friendly with them but not surround them otherwise they would feel embarrassed.

  2. 0sc@r (School Council & Playground Buddy)

    Everyone has been in one of these situations before so it was easy to share thoughts with eachother in the session! 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  3. kian

    Be friendly to them and show them where everything is.

  4. Tia A

    I would ask them if they look confused if they needed help and i would also offer to be their friend.

  5. J@de [play ground buddy]

    Make friends with them and help them get introduced to your other friends

  6. Manon

    I would probably show them around, introduce them to some of my friends and play with them. 😀

  7. chloeamelie lightfoot loftus

    if you are new i would help and play with you because thats just the caring person i am.