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Cereal investigations!

Well done Class 4 for being great investigators.

Today you worked in pairs to investigate whether cereal which appealed to children had lots of sugar in. We found out that it did with Frosties having the highest amount of sugar in.

Have a look at your cereal at home to see how much sugar per 100g it has in. Remember to clean your teeth after eating things high in sugar Untitled


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  1. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    It was fun I loved it.

  2. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    Can we do it again.

  3. Dylan (school council) Reply

    I will!!

  4. Dinithi Reply

    Can we do again.

  5. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    I love investigating the cereal.

  6. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    It is great fun

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