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Christmas Fair

What a lovely time we all had at the Christmas Fair! What were your favourite bits?

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  1. Euan Reply

    My favourite bit was the gem and other shiny things store and I got a bag of gems and a bag of fools gold!

  2. Caleb Reply

    My favourite bit was the “higher or lower” card Game! 😉

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I liked the jewellery stall in the gym run by Ellie and Izzy because all the jewellery was home made!

  4. Morgan Reply

    I loved the higher or lower game and I have to addmit I was pretty good at it too.

  5. Amira Reply

    I like the stall where you could buy popping candy; the sugar in that was my energy for the night!

  6. ellie Reply

    I did not get to see any of the fair because i was on my stall the whole time.

  7. Lydia Reply

    I liked singing in the choir because everyone ( and I mean everyone) was watching us while we were doing it. 🙂

  8. devnara Reply

    I really liked Ellie and Izzy stall because it was homemade

  9. Ellie.P Reply

    I liked the stall with the popping candy like Amira, it definitely gave me a boost! 😀

  10. Max.P Reply

    The higher or lower game was brilliant, and when I played it I got 3/3! I also liked Santa Claus!

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