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How do you feel about chunking as a division method?

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  1. Cameron Reply

    I’m definitely better than before 🙂

  2. Caleb Reply

    I think i’m very good! 😉

  3. Nikoo Reply

    I feel very confident with the method now. When are we doing bus stop?

  4. martina Reply

    It’s a good method when you know how to do it.

  5. devi Reply

    im not a fan of division but it was quite easy 🙂

  6. sasha Reply

    I know how to do it confidently now.

  7. Lilliana Reply

    It’s easy to do, but (sometimes) hard to get the right answer.

  8. Kyle Reply

    I liked the Chunking method. I am more confident now about Chunking.

  9. Elly Reply

    I am quite confident with chunking but i don’t think it is the most efficent method for me to use.

  10. aruma Reply

    It’s awsome!!!! I love it because i love maths and it makes them easy.

  11. abi Reply

    I found it very hard because I didnt no what to add first

  12. leah Reply

    on some of them i got confused .

  13. indie Reply

    I was a bit confused with this method but I feel like i have improved.

  14. Martha Reply

    I like the chunking method but I find the bus stop method easier.

  15. Eddy Reply

    I think it’s pretty awesome but it takes alot of time so i prefer bus’s easy for doing really complicated quesions though.

  16. stan Reply

    I am a bit more confident with it but the calculator with the decimals is tricky.

  17. class4 Reply

    It’s really interesting to hear what you all think about chunking. Some of you like it, some don’t! Aruma- great to hear you love maths!!

    Mrs Hearson

  18. stan Reply

    When you do the first one it gets easier.

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