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Class 2 homework letter – Year 1


Week beginning 20th January 2014


We are continuing to work on information books next week. The children have produced some fantastic work on different kinds of polar animal, which I’m sure they would love to share. I think all of use learned something new about at least one animal. We will continue to look at the features of information books and the style of writing they use, so children are eventually able to produce a piece of information of their own. Is there something your child is really interested in or knows lots about which they would like to write about at home? The writing could include some sentences about the subject, a picture with labels or even a short glossary explaining the meaning of words to do with the subject.


In Maths this week we will be working on subtraction using number lines. At home, children could have a go at making number lines themselves or could use rulers to support counting up or back in jumps. Last week we imagined counting in jumps of one was like the jump of a frog, which definitely helped to fix the idea in the children’s minds! Later in the week we will be looking at time, particularly reading the time to the hour or half hour. This, of course, is a skill that just benefits from as much practice as possible and can be fitted in to all sorts of activities the children get up to!


Last week the children produced some wonderful maps showing the location of the Arctic and the Antarctic. This week we will be looking at what polar places are like and how this affects the animals and humans who live in them. Perhaps the children could imagine being an Arctic fox or a polar bear. What would it be like living in the Arctic?


Reading books will be going home as normal this Friday, but we will now send two books home as we see how children are enjoying their reading and have been getting through their books quickly.  We will be visiting the library on Monday, so if you have a school library book at home, please remember to bring it in.


Have a fun and safe weekend!

Mr Baines

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