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Class 5 are authors for the week…

Today in English we began looking at biographies because by the end of the week everyone in class 5 will have written their own biography on a famous astronaut. Have you ever read a biography? If yes, who was it about?

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  1. maddy Reply

    I think I’ve read a biography about a famous explorer

  2. Abigail Naylor Reply

    I really enjoyed looking at the biographies. I would like to do this again.

  3. Mrs Steel Reply

    I wonder if I can guess which astronaut you have been writing about!

  4. ellissia Reply

    I loved looking at the biographies. I loved it. I would love doing it again.I would write my one all over again. I am starting one at my house.

  5. Dylan Reply

    I found it realy fun!

  6. Freya Reply

    I realy enjoied beaying the auther of the weeck.

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