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Class 5 rock!

Today in class 5 we carried out a Science experiment. We wanted to investigate which rocks are permeable and which are impermeable. We had fun pouring rocks over water and we found that over half the rocks we had were permeable! We also discussed what we could change in our experiment if we were to do it again.

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  1. georgia owen Reply


  2. Alfie collinge Reply

    I loved seeing if they were permeable or impermeable.

  3. chloe Reply

    I loved it! when can we do stuff like that again?

  4. brooke Reply

    I was really exited when we did the permeable rocks investigation good joke class 5 rock

  5. Poppy Reply

    I enjoyed looking to see if the rocks are permeable or not.

  6. ruby Reply

    the experiment was really fun

  7. shamim Reply

    That day it was fun

  8. ellie Reply

    it was fun

  9. Aaron Reply

    it was epic ex per ment

  10. Olive Reply

    It was a really good lesson.

  11. harley Reply

    I liked this lesson.

  12. henry Reply

    that’s a very good joke I also enjoyed doing this Thanks Miss Clayton.

  13. ellissia Reply

    I loved doing it. I loved doing the lesson.

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