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For the Class 8 and Class 9 Year 5s…

Thank you, Year 5s, for a brilliant couple of days.  We’ve had a great deal of fun in PE this afternoon and you’ve shown what a fantastic team you can be (well done to those of you who tackled the two hula-hoops challenge)!

Over the next few days we’ll be learning some more poems about the Tudors  and will be performing some Medieval and Tudor music, so have your instruments ready for Friday!

What are you enjoying about your week so far?





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  1. Indie Reply

    I have liked all of it.

    • Aidan Reply

      Great! Really good!

  2. Tom ch Reply

    I liked the self portraits we were doing

  3. Caleb Reply

    I loved all of it. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  4. Max.P Reply

    My favourite part was probably doing the poem peformances, but there’s still two days left so that might change!

  5. Euan Reply

    Everything was great!

  6. Libby Reply

    I have loved this week with class 8! I hope is see class 8 again and do lots of fun games like we did this week.
    Thank youxxxx

  7. William Reply

    Its wicked we did self portraits,acting poems and P.E. which was netball!!!!

  8. Oleg Reply

    It was a wicked week P.E.,acting poems, Art, English and reading the Ghost of Thomas Kempe

  9. mae Reply

    i wish we could stay longer in class 8 its awesome!!!

  10. Jacob Reply

    The week has been awsome so far.

  11. oliver Reply

    I liked it all
    What I liked the best was P.E and English.

  12. devnara Reply

    I wish year 6 stay longer because it is the best.You can meet up
    with your friends it is epic!!!

  13. ellie Reply

    i liked P.E and art

  14. Ava Reply

    I am enjoying being in class 8 for a week.

  15. nikoo Reply

    I wish year 6 stay longer. Right now I get to sit with my friends in class 9. This week is flying by!

  16. Martha Reply

    I liked all of the things we did but I enjoyed P.E the most.

  17. Katy Reply

    I loved everything but I did really really enjoy P.E and the hula hoop challenge. I am really enjoying being in class 8 it is so quiet without the year 6’s!

  18. molly Reply

    I had a really good time while the year 5’s are away. The thing I like the most is that we are doing fun art stuff and I really like Miss Campbell

    from Molly!!!!!

  19. Tomas Reply

    I hope to have lots of friends and enjoy this year

  20. cameron Reply

    P.E was awesome because we got to make up our own game

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