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Class 5 Cliff-Hangers Challenge


In Class 5 this week we have had a lot of fun writing cliff-hangers about different scenarios. They will soon be on our English display for everyone to see!

Can you think of one using this scenario?

Jack White in a forest with a monster.

Remember to try to be as descriptive as you can to create suspense in your writing as well as using a question and/or an ellipsis at the end.

I will pick the three most exciting cliff-hangers and the winners will receive a splendid prize which will be: You and three friends will be able to play Table Tennis at a lunchtime of your choice. I might even allow you to use my own bat!

Entries must be blogged to me by Monday 23rd September.

Best of luck everyone!

For more details see… well me in Class 5!

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  1. Mollie Reply

    Jack White went to the forest for a little stroll.He walked for a few minutes when he came across a sign.It said:
    BEWARE THE MONSTER.Jack did not believe there was a monster.
    But suddenly he came across a huge,hairy monster!!!!!Jack climbed a tall tree to get away from the monster.But the monster climbed
    the tree too!What could he do?Where could he go?

  2. Sophie Reply

    Sorry Mr Mastrelli, i didn’t mean to send that.

  3. Sophie Reply

    One afternoon Jack White was picking berries for his mum in the forest near to his house. When he realised he had gone too far he panicked. Suddenly he saw a dark shadow creeping around. He was extremely scared of the dark shadow. What could he do? Jack tried to dash out of the forest but he couldn’t remember where to go! A few seconds later Jack turned round and what he saw was terrifying…

  4. Lewkas Reply

    Jack White was looking for his cat in the forest. Then it ran past, he looked up and BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAR roared a monster. It had 2 horns,2 RED eyes and 1 creepy pelt. Jack turned and picked up the cat and he ran.Soon he was sitting at home and stroking his cat.Mum said: “where have you been?”

  5. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Wow!!! What a lot of creative writers there are in class 5!

  6. Manon hollingworth Reply

    Once there was a cute,female cat called Rio. Her owners were called Annie and Fred. One sunny day Rio had 15 kittens!!!They gave their friend (Lucy) the other ten because they kept the other 5. One lovely, spring day Rio didn’t come to there house to give them all cuddles and hugs. They kept looking for her but they never found her. They still had the kittens but they didn’t get MASSIVE cuddles from Rio…
    Where would Rio be?What would he be doing there?

  7. Betsy Reply

    One day a boy called Jack White was on the way to the coolest park ever with his best friend Oliver Oken.

    Suddenly they heard a bang and the road turned into a forest! Jack turned around and Oliver was gone…

    Jack decided to look around so he crept into the forest, when he was 12 feet inside he saw huge foot prints!

    But before he could follow them he saw a ginormous ugly monster and Oliver was peeping out of its slobbery and stinky mouth…

  8. Manon hollingworth Reply

    One stormy, snowy night Jack white was outside shivering in the cold trying to get inside the house but all the doors were locked tight so he couldn’t get in any were. Just then he saw a window that was open,that was the only way to get in to him. So he went up and he found the window that he was looking for,while he tried to get in MASSIVE HUGE monster banged a part of the house so the whole house fell down and the monster grabbed Jack White quickly before he could escape …

  9. Minnie Cotton Reply

    Jack White was a pop star, he was famous all over the world. He was going to America, his train was going really fast through a whirly forrest. Then suddenly Jack felt a bump, bump, bump. The train came off the track. Jack got out of the train to see what had happened and nobody was there. He could hear a strange scary grumbling growling sound it was coming towards him. Jack ran away and he found a bridge, he hid under the bridge and he was scared.
    When Jack looked out he saw a massive red and hairy monster the monster jumped on the bridge and Jack fell into the river. The monster jumped in after him…

  10. Sophia Reply

    One snowy winters night Jack white set of on one of his specially walks . It was snowing hard and he wanted to turn back but when he turned back there was no back! Just then he saw something rise out of the dark it was a monster!!!the monster had red spikes on his back and a dribbering mouth .suddenley the monster picked him up . He struggled and wiggled but it had a tight hold. What could he do?!!!

  11. Reuben Reply

    Jack was on his way back from his fantastic school to tell his lovely
    mum what a brilliant day he’d had . Out of the
    corner of his crinkled old eye he saw a pitch dark
    wood . In a wooden old tree house was a bright
    green monster.Jack was absolutely terrified .
    His eyes were watering like a burst pipe .
    Should he run? ARRGGHH!!!…

  12. class5 Reply

    Well done to our winners Sophie, Reuben and Minnie. It was such a hard choice as all your entries were amazing!

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Did you read my second one?

    • class5 Reply

      Is this Manon? If so, I thought it was fantastic. Keep up the super writing!

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