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Class 8

What did the Year Five children enjoy about being in Class 8 last week?

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  1. Mae Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the thomas Kempe thing where you had to write a potion to cure baldness, pimples or hay fever.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I hope to hear more from the class 9 children soon…

  3. tomas Reply

    The best part when we were there was working on the potions of baldness

  4. ava Reply

    In class 8 I enjoyed doing the Thomas Kempe potions and the Tudor poems.

  5. Molly Reply

    I liked doing the self portraits and Tudor poem!!!!:)

  6. Jacob Reply

    I really enjoyed being in class 8!!!(:

  7. libby Reply

    I really enjoyed being in class 8. I loved the actives that we did. Thank you Mrs Campbell xx

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