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Class 9’s Caveman Chaos!

Today we performed the first class assembly out of all Park Grove classes – which was definitely nerve-racking! All of the children were involved in the creating of the script, and everyone had a part to play, from presenters, to Stone Age Tourists and of course our cavemen! ?

The audience were rolling with laughter at our Stone related jokes (although they were a bit rocky!)???‼️

Class 9 – what was your favourite part of our assembly? Did you get any feedback from other Park Grovers?!

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  1. Molly

    It was really fun

  2. kian

    I really enjoyed doing this class assembly and I’m sure it will be the best of the entire school.

  3. Becca

    I really enjoyed this assembly of ours because we all did great. well done everyone.

  4. chloeamelie lightfoot loftus

    when we did the play it was nerve racking but it was really fun every one had an amazing time on stage.:)(:

  5. freddie

    oh deer my wig probably created enough time for my actual hair to grow just as long.

  6. ben

    i loved the play and lots of people said i was good and so was the play (not bragging).

  7. Charlotte

    I really enjoyed being Ug for the class assembly! I hope I get to be him again.

  8. elle

    i loved our class assembly!

  9. elle

    i can’t wait for the year 5/6 play!

  10. elle

    and the end of the year show!

  11. franchesca

    I really enjoyed performing the class assembly I hope we can do another class play. But everyone did super. Thank you Miss.Platts for all the help and amazing ideas. 🙂

  12. Manon

    Cool! I loved the class assembly. My favourite part was the Doctor Who bit! 😀

  13. Harvey

    I loved my costume

  14. Ellen

    My favourite part of the assembly was when at the end we all sang we will rock you as it was lots of fun

  15. Ellen

    i also liked the different parts so there were the tourists and the cavemen

  16. oscar (school council) :P


  17. oscar (school council) :P

    I loved doing a dramatic entrance

  18. oscar (school council) :P

    And being Dr Who

  19. oscar (school council) :P

    AND wearing that suit jacket

  20. Elle

    I agree with Ellen!?

  21. Elle

    So fun

  22. jessie

    I enjoyed our play mostly about the jokes!!:)