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Class Assembly

How do you feel about doing our class assembly?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I felt really relieved after we’d done it! :@

  2. Nikoo (school council) Reply

    I felt brilliant when we did the class assembly!!!!!,!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Amalie Reply

    I loved it

  4. sasha Reply

    I enjoyed it everyone did good.

  5. leah Reply

    I really enjoyed it .Z

  6. Kyle Reply

    It was awsome

  7. Elly Reply

    I really enjoyed it and want to do it all over again.

  8. lilliana Reply

    It was fun to do!!!

  9. Cameron Reply

    It was cooooooooooooooollll!9WPG 🙂

  10. Martha Reply

    I was really excited but when we had finished it, I really wanted to do it again!

  11. lilliana Reply

    It was so fun!!!!!

  12. Emma Reply

    It was good fun!

  13. Euan Reply

    I loved doing the class assembly even though I felt a bit nervous.

  14. Ellie Reply

    I think it went really well

  15. indie Reply

    we were amazing well done class 9

  16. abi Reply

    At first I felt really scared but after i did it I felt good

  17. lauren Reply

    i felt fantastic just as the assembly started. 😀

  18. stan Reply

    a bit nervous but I felt a bit better afterwards.

  19. Sam(school council) Reply

    It was EPIC!!!

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