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Our Class Assembly

Well done Dragonologists! We’re feeling so very proud of you all; you performed wonderfully this morning, were incredibly enthusiastic and showed off some magnificent costumes and accents! Miss Slater and I have had a great deal of fun with our Dragons project and it was great to be able to share the super writing you’ve been creating in English lessons…

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  1. Ellie Reply

    I had loads of fun doing this assembly so it’s a shame it is over.

  2. Lydia Reply

    I loved it. Though I found it really quite nerveracking as everyone was looking and laughing at you from the crowd(especially the reception kids) ! I wish we could do it all over again; Barry Mcknopykles looked like he was having fun. Everyone in Class8, you did brilliantly! X 🙂

  3. leo Reply

    I had loads of fun and everyone did brilliantly. Well done class8 I wanna do it again!

  4. Ellie Reply

    I was great!

  5. Ellie Reply

    It was amazing!

  6. Katie Reply

    I had a great time. I thought it was really good and my mum thought so too. 🙂

  7. Leila Reply

    I really enjoyed it even though it was hard to do it loud for the people at the back.

  8. Huw Reply

    I had a lot of fun however I was still nervous. My group was the tornado team

  9. Nikoo Reply

    i loved planning and doing all the assembly! it was so fun all the way through!

  10. Ellie.P Reply

    I loved it! Even though I was very nervous, it came out really good! We all did so well! 😀

  11. oliver Reply

    I thought that we all had fun out there and I’m Dr Pepper Hi!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved Toby’s accent because he really expanded his lines in this assembly and we all had great fun out there!!!

    IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Martha Reply

    I think that the assembly was great! My mum thought there would be lots of facts , not lots of insults. 🙂

  13. Lauren Reply

    I thought it was very fun, but it was quite scary. Toby (Barry Mcknowpykles)was very very good.

  14. Devnara Reply

    i love doing the class assembly!!!it was so fun!!!

  15. Toby Reply

    I really enjoyed taking part in the assembly. I am sure that lots of others did too! I can’t wait to see the next class’ assembly! I hope that will be soon!

  16. Edward Reply

    I agree. It was fantastic and i wish we could do it again.

  17. morgan Reply

    I absolutely enjoyed this. Some parts of it were hugely hilarious.

  18. Edward Reply

    I agree. It was fantastic and i wish we could do it again. I had some really great fun.

  19. Amira Reply

    I thought we all did really well (especially Barry Mcknopykles)
    It was a great idea and I really enjoyed it! 😀

  20. Amy Reply

    This was brilliant to do I really had fun and I could do it lots more times. I think Huw was brilliant because he tried really hard and I knew how much he wanted he liked it. Everyone was very good;hope you had fun.

  21. rudy Reply

    I thought that doing this would be tricky to pull it off but hooray it worked.the little kids laughed their heads off.I also liked when Max did his voice!

  22. Alfie Reply

    I’ve really enjoyed doing the assembly even though some parts were nervewracking.

  23. jordan Reply

    The assembly was great;the part i had was good and i wished i could perform it over and over again.

  24. Caleb Reply

    I loved it! Especialy Barry McNopickles 😉

  25. Darby Reply

    I really enjoyed our class assembly i thought we made every one laugh especially the reception children, i had so much fun i wish we could do it again.:)

  26. Euan Reply

    I loved the assembly; it is the best assembly so far!

  27. Max R Reply

    I really enjoyed the Dragonologist assembly and thought Toby’s voice was outstanding!!!

  28. piran Reply

    I have to admit I was quite nervous standing up there but it was worth it because it was good fun!

  29. Tom Reply

    I loved the class assembly it was quite fun to do,I liked the Storm dragon presentation it was amazing

  30. Tom Reply

    I loved the class assembly it was quite fun to do,I liked the Storm dragon presentation it was amazing.

  31. Bethan Reply

    You were amazing class 8! Well done!

  32. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I LOVED your assembly well done!

  33. indie Reply

    I think it was great.

  34. Amira Reply

    I think the infants really enjoyed it. 🙂

  35. nikoo Reply

    i think everyone enjoyed it 🙂

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