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Cliff hangers… (duh, duh, duhhh!)

Class 6 what imaginative children you are! You did well taking the scenarios you chose from the hat and writing suspense-filled cliff hangers with them! Did you like the twist in my cliff hanger? And can you write short, dramatic sentences now? – Miss Land.

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    How exciting!!!! I can’t wait to read some of them!

    • Oscar Reply

      I enjoyed doing them!

    • Oscar Reply

      I enjoyed doing the cliff-hangers!

  2. Oscar Reply

    You know only the cliff-hangers on the stick printed,I printed it of myself at home!

  3. Ms Martindale Reply

    It sounds like I have missed lots of fun in Class 6. I can’t wait to see everybody again and read some of these cliffhangers…

  4. Travis [school councle] Reply

    Yeah but its ages ago since we did it.

  5. Travis Reply


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