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Collage Preparation

I was very impressed with how well you worked in your groups today to create different shades of the paints we need. Remember if you can find any old magazines that we can use for our collage work you will need to bring them in by Wednesday.

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  1. Sam Reply


  2. moya Reply

    I will try to remember! The collage preperation was veryfun

  3. Bethan (School councill) Reply

    I’m really enjoying doing work on Hokusai recently so far it has been very fun!

  4. Melo Reply

    I can’t wait until we start the collage! 😀

  5. William Reply

    I really enjoyed creating different colours:D

  6. Marshall Reply

    This collage is going to be SO fun 😀

  7. Marshall Reply

    This collage is going to be SO fun when we do it 😀

  8. Erin Reply

    Okay!! 🙂

  9. Marshall Reply

    The collage is going to be exciting 😀

  10. Jaydon Reply

    I dont have any magazines sorry.

  11. Jasmine Reply

    I’ll Try to bring some in!:D

  12. Aidan Reply

    I thought we were brilliant ! 😀

  13. molly Reply

    can’t wait

  14. George Reply

    I will try to bring in some magazines.

  15. Sam Reply

    I can’t wait for Wednesday!

  16. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed just using 4 colours and mixing them.

  17. Thomas Reply

    I loved mixing all the coulers to make different shades of blue.

  18. William(school council) Reply

    ALRIGHT 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  19. Molly Reply

    tow words…FUN FUN 🙂

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