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What happened in your story?

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  1. Nicole Reply

    Ok… Don’t laugh.

    A boy named Archie lives a normal life.

    Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Light, Evelyn, the queen of the Light Wisps, is having problems. Something called the Shadow is destroying it.

    The Oracle says only a human child of pure light can rid them of the Shadow.
    That child is Archie Smith.

    He confronts the Shadow and it dies.

    The End

  2. Nicole Reply

    Everyone’s stories sound good! :-D:-D:-D

  3. Bethan (school council co-chair) Reply

    In mine fairies are evil and elves try to save Archie from the evil fairies!

  4. Jaydon Reply

    My is about a boy called Archie that gets bitten by a vampire and then turns into one.

  5. Marshall Reply

    Theirs a boy called Archie who thinks he is a ordinary boy but he is actually an assassin and fights a couple of zombies. Thats all i’m telling you now. 😀

  6. George Reply

    In my story Archie was captured by some mysterious aliens that performed experiments on him. Does he escape or gets held by them forever?

  7. mae Reply

    mine is about his magical toy boat.

  8. Nicole Reply


  9. Erin Reply

    I had an alien mouse!! Don’t laugh!

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