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Core Values!

What are our core values? What do they mean?

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  1. Ava Reply


    Individuality is my favorite because all of us are different and we show that by not wearing a uniform. 😀

  2. Katy Reply

    Our cor values are Fun, creativity, individuality, inclusion, inspiration, excellence.I think that we have these core values because that is what we are for example we are a very fun school!

  3. khai Reply

    fun creativity individuality inclusion inspiration excellence and that’s are core values

  4. Jaimie Reply

    The core values are fun, creativity, individuality, inclusion, inspiration and excellence. I made up the core values song we sing in Singing Assembly.

    Fun – All the lessons are fun
    Creativity – The teachers have a creativve way of teaching and the pupils are very creative.
    Individuality – We are all individuals and we do not have a school uniform
    Inclusion – We include everyone in our games
    Inspiration – We all have dreams and goals, and we inspire people just as others inspire us
    Excellence – We are all the best we can be

  5. Oleg Reply

    The core values are fun creativity individuality inclusion inspiration excellence.

  6. jake Reply

    excellence fun individually creativity inspiration

  7. ade Reply

    the core value song is really good

  8. Molly Reply


    core values for the best school ever 🙂

  9. mae Reply

    creativety, fun, individuality, inclusion, excellence, insperation.
    our school is fun and educational at the same time. our homework projects make us individual.

  10. gaurie Reply

    the core values are words that describe our school like fun is meant to represent what fun activities and lessons we do, creativity represents , how creative we are … 😀 🙂

  11. jake Reply

    excellence means we all do are best

  12. William Reply

    They show how awesome our school is to other people!

  13. Abby Reply

    our core values fun,creativity are my favorites!!

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