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Cracking Compliments!

On Monday afternoon, Class 8 discussed the importance of positive language in our school. With this important advice in their minds, each member of Class 8 used an array of adjectives and adverbs to write about a classmate who they admire. It was delightful to hear all of you giving out such kind and well thought out compliments reflective of each individual. Well done Class 8!


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  1. Mollie and Ella Reply

    Mollie: I really enjoyed reading what Millie wrote about me, as it made me smile!

    Ella: I found it entertaining writing about Sophia, and receiving compliments from Sophia!!!

  2. H@rley N & Conor-jay Reply

    This made everyone happy even me.After it britend my day.

  3. Lucia and rosa Reply

    Rosa did Elliot Lawrence and I did Sophie lavers👩🏼👱🏽

  4. Betsy Reply

    I really enjoyed writing these compliments about other members in class 8. It was also really nice to receive feedback about myself!

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