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Cricket Challenges…

Well done to Tomas who survived the 50 ball challenge this afternoon with ease. This challenge will continue next week with more members of Class 8 attempting it!

What are your cricketing strengths? What would you like to improve at in the upcoming weeks?

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  1. Dylan Reply

    I was amazed when I watched Tomas hit all 50 throws with ease,I also learned a few tips from experiencing this magical cricket master at work 😀

  2. Molly Reply

    i like bowling but i need to improve on where i hit the ball so i can do more runs 🙂

  3. Gaurie Reply

    I would like to improve on my bowling skills-throwing accurately ;D

  4. mae Reply

    I would like to improve on my bowling.

  5. khai Reply

    i will nether ever nether ever beat thomas at those cricket shots 🙂

  6. lucas Reply

    i car’t wait till next week

  7. Klaudia Reply

    I want to improve at batting , and also at balling. Well done Tomas!

  8. William Reply

    Well done Tomas! I wonder if can make all 50 shots.

  9. Tom.C Reply

    I’m really good at bowling and batting but feilding is my greatest strenth.

  10. libby Reply

    Well done to Tomas for completing the challeng.Next time I would like to work on getting the ball go near their feet when I am bolling 🙂

  11. Joseph Reply

    I need to improve on stepping into the ball more to gain more power. 🙂
    Well done Tomas!

  12. Ade Reply

    I thought it was great fun.

  13. Ava Reply

    Well done Tomas for hitting all 50 balls! 😀 😀 😀

  14. Holly Reply

    I really enjoy playing cricket, but would like to improve on my bowling technique.

  15. Jaimie Reply

    I need some practice at my bowling – I need to put more power into my throws but keep the accuracy. I feel quite confident with batting but still need more practice. Well done Tomas – you were awesome! 🙂

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