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Curiosity Club Week 1

The latest budding Year 4 scientists at Park Grove started working towards their Super Star science award this afternoon!

The first investigation that the children carried out was called ‘Tumbling Toast’.

Alexander and Ellen will explain what the Curiosity Clubbers had to do:

We had to find out if toast really does always land butter-side down if you accidentally drop it. We did 3 experiment.

Experiment 1: Does height matter?

We dropped the toast from 50cm, 1m and 1m 30cm. This group found out that toast doesn’t always drop butter side down there is a 50/50 chance but scientists have tested it thousands of times. They found out the higher it is it is most likely to land butter side up.

Experiment 2: Does Left and Right Hands Matter?

We experimented it in both hands and most of the time it landed butter side down it was really odd. They found a pattern. In the left hand  it normally landed butter side down and right the opposite. Miss Land told us that the experiment we did has not been tested before.

Experiment 3: Which side does the butter have to be to land butter side down?

This group tested if it mattered to have the butter facing the plate or the opposite. They found out that it doesn’t matter and it turns out that our scientists were right.

We are looking forward to next time a fingerprint investigation. If you ever drop a piece of toast tell us what side does it land on? :~)

All of the children are now tumbling-toast-testers! Well done – Miss Land.

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  1. charlie driscoll Reply

    i really liked dropping the toast!!

  2. Ella Reply

    Sounds awesome!

  3. class6 Reply

    Isobel said: How is it going so far? I hope you are having fun! I heard you ate toast last night!

    • Alexander (school council) Reply

      It’s really good you should join it when your a year 4

  4. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I wish I was in curiosity club.

  5. Sophie Reply

    I can’t come to Curiosity club because I’ve got Drama. So sad!:(:(

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