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Curiosity Club Week 3

The Curiosity Club talked about the three states of matter in the session this week.

They are liquids, solids and gases.

However, Jasmine and Molly will tell you what the children did and found out:

There is a matter that is not a liquid, solid or gas and it  is called a non-Newtonian material. It is made out of corn flour and water. We mixed it together and put our hands in it and when it was in our  hands it was a solid and then when it was out of our hands it was a liquid. Force makes it change state. We put food colouring in it, either  pink or blue and then we described how it looked. It was fun exciting and very messy!

Well done to our Curiosity Club matter-investigators this week!

– Miss Land

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  1. Alexander (school council) Reply

    It was great !

  2. Manon Hollingworth (Year 4 ) Reply

    I went to Ellen’s after Curiosity Club and we did the experiment again but it didn’t work that well.

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