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Curiosity Club weeks 5 and 6

The Curiosity Club have had a busy two weeks involving balloons!

We were engineers two weeks ago when we made tabletop hovercrafts using balloons and old CD’s.


Not all of our hovercrafts floated successfully due to friction between the some of the CD’s and the tabletop. However, some of the CD’s were smooth enough and floated along brilliantly! We had a mini-Olympic race and the boys of ‘Poland’ won as their hovercraft traveled the furthest.

This week we created rocket balloons! The Curiosity Club members hung up kite string around the classroom (of various lengths). They then created their balloon rockets using a straw, tape and of course the balloon!

cub_solar_lesson01_activity2_figure1 (1)

We quickly realised that for the rocket to travel the straw couldn’t be bent. We also discovered that whichever way we wanted the rocket to travel, we had to face the opening of the balloon the opposite way. Does anyone know why?

– Miss Land.

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  1. class4 Reply

    This looks so exciting! Going to try it at home with my girls.

    Mrs Hearson

    • class6 Reply

      How have you got on with these experiments at home Mrs Hearson?

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