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Our dancing is brilliant!

I just wanted to tell everyone how fantastic our dancing is in class 3. I was very surprised with some children today and they truly were able to show that they are little movers! In Zumba the children have been given time to create some of their own Zumba dance moves to add to the class dance we are already performing. Dylan and Jack were AMAZING and can really move!

Miss Plews

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  1. Dylan Reply

    I love zumba

    • class3 Reply

      And you are fantastic at it Dylan! Can’t wait for the performances next week 🙂

      Miss Plews

  2. Tricia Fairburn Reply

    Thank you so much for teaching Becca Zumba, we are loving the moves! Becca’s daddy is even learning a move or two!!

    • class3 Reply

      It is fantastic when a child is enthusiastic when you try to do something new! Becca is doing a brilliant job at Zumba and she is now creating some of her own moves in preparation for a small performance in PE next week 🙂

      Miss Plews.

  3. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Sounds like you are all having a great time in P.E class 3!

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