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Designing our own science investigation

Today we had fun designing an investigation to find out how our breathing changes when we exercise. We did warm ups and cool downs too and counted how many breaths we took in a minute. What exercise do you do out of school? Which exercise makes you breath fastest? I like to go running and it certainly makes me breathe faster! Mrs Hearson

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  1. Mrs Carr-Brion Reply

    I like to go swimming for my exercise. I managed to swim half a mile this morning.
    Hope you all get out and exercise in the nice weather that is predicted for this weekend.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Wow!!! That sounds like hard work Mrs Carr-Brion! You must be exhausted!

  3. class3 Reply

    I’m very excited to do this experiment with my class!
    Miss Plews.

  4. Charlotte Reply

    I go to swimming lessons and in spear time I go round the block with Henry on our bikes and scooters.

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