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Whole school singing assembly

I would like to comment on how beautifully our Reception children sat and sang in Monday’s singing assembly. They joined the whole school and we taught the other classes the songs that we have been singing in class (‘Say hello!’ and ‘How do you do?) We also sang ‘Dingle Dange Scarecrow’ , ‘Big red combine harvester’and ‘Oats and beans and barley grow’ because we’re beginning to think about harvest time. We’ll be joining the whole school again on Monday to sing some more harvest songs. See you there,ready to sing! Ms Lamb

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    The children are such fantastic singers … I agree, Mrs Lamb!

  2. class4 Reply

    Class 4 also enjoyed the singing assembly this week. It was great to have songs with actions that we could all join in with. (Mrs Carr-Brion’s favourite was Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.) Well done to the Reception class children for sitting so well and to Miss Lamb for all her hard work!

    • class1 Reply

      Well, thank you! We’re doing it again on Monday so I’ll be watching you dangling those arms and legs and waving your flippy floppy hat!

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