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Disco Spooktacular

What creepy costumes will you be wearing to the Halloween disco on Friday?!

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  1. Charlotte Reply

    I don’t know I’ll probably have to whip up a quick costume!

  2. thepta Reply

    Well there is much discussion every day amongst the PTA committee as to what outfits we are all wearing.

  3. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I’m going to go as a cat because I don’t have any other costumes.I will wear a black dress with black star-patterned tights and cat paws.Also, I have cat ears on a headband which I will put on.Hopefully,my sister will have time to straighten my hair as well!And,I will put black or red lipstick on.

    I can’t wait! 🙂

  4. Ellen Reply

    I’m going as a devil!

  5. reuben Reply

    Tonight, I am going as a mummy !!

  6. logan clark and charlotte Reply

    logan: skeleton 🙂

    charlotte: uknown

  7. Callie Reply

    dead school girl and I’ve made the costume myself

  8. Tia A Reply

    I’m going as a ghost bridesmaid.

  9. Jasmine and Elle Reply

    I am dressing up as a witch and Elle is dressing up as a vampire

  10. Poppy Reply

    I am going as a dead school girl and I m really exited. 🙂

  11. H@rley N Reply

    Tonight I’m dressing up as CHUCKY!! the little doll, it’s going to be awesome tonight

  12. Junior Reply

    I am coming as a dead school boy with scabs on my face and floe blood all over me.

  13. Manon Reply

    I am coming as a cat because I don’t have any other costumes. I am going to have a tail, paws and ears.

  14. george Reply

    I am going as a zombie to the Halloween disco :]

  15. Rosa Reply

    I am going as a vampire:)

  16. Bea Minnie Millie Reply

    Bea: I am coming as a scary cat.

    Minnie: I am going to be little dead riding hood.

    Millie: I am coming as a corpse bride.

  17. Shannon Reply

    ON Friday im dressing up as a creepy grave yard bride

  18. Freddie Reply

    I can not wait until the Halloween disco, discos at park grove are the best THEY GO ON REALLY LATE THATIS MY FAVORITE Bit and after I am going to my granny and grandpas after.

  19. Charle Driscoll Reply

    I am going as a undead school boy because my mum couldn’t find a predator suit :).

  20. Harper Charlie Reply

    I am coming as a clown with blood on it. I carn’t wait.

  21. Chloe Reply

    I’m going as a green cat because I’m a big fan of cat but haloween is gross so I’m triing to be gross to.Haloween is a big thing to cellabrite and it’s so fun!

  22. thepta Reply

    There were some wonderful costumes and Class 6 did a great job. It wasn’t just the costumes though, it was also the face paints and other effects and props too. Well done all of you.

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