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Dragons’ Den – Table Tennis Launch!

This coming Monday and Tuesday after school is the start our new Table Tennis competition – 20:20 Table Tennis!

Please remember it is £1 to enter per pair and you can enter as many times as you like!

Who is going to enter? Who are you pairing up with?!

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  1. Sara Reply

    my mum said that i can help .
    so on Monday I am going to sign up .

  2. Chelsea Reply

    I am going with my mum.

  3. Sophie Reply

    I went with my mum and overall we got 15 because I got 2 and my mum got 13!!

  4. sophia Reply

    I played with my dad and enjoyed it greatly

  5. Ella Reply

    I went with my Mum who wasn’t very good at all. My Mum didn’t actually know what table tennis was.

  6. Lucas Reply

    I loved the sound of it

  7. reuben Reply

    I went to the table tennis with my mum and we finished 13th. I got 6 over the net and mum got 12 over the net. We were in first plays for ages.

  8. stan Reply

    I came in 11 and 12 palace

  9. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I didn’t get to go, but I heard everybody talking about how good it was.

  10. Mollie Reply

    I went with my dad(he wasn’t very good.I think I will have to work with my dad on table tennis).

  11. Onett Perera Reply

    I am not sure who is paring up with me but it is definitely
    fun …

  12. lewkas Reply

    I enjoyed well……..trying to consontrate at least!

  13. Mollie Reply

    Max was better than my dad.

  14. sara Reply

    I scored 2.
    My mum scored 6.

  15. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I went with my dad and we finished 5th.

    We got 30 points.

  16. Mani Reply

    table tennis is awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  17. lucy Reply

    I loved the experience of table tennis dragons den activity,i had a great time!

  18. Betsy Leach Reply

    I am very happy that I won the table tennis competition! Me and my dad won by getting 39 balls over the net.

  19. Chelsea, Class 5 Reply

    Me and my Mum got twelve over the net. 😉

  20. Harvey Reply

    My little brother Edward got 1 in the net and Mummy got 10 so they got 11 in the net.

  21. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I do wnt to do it but my mum and dad wot let me yet I am goner asc them agen.

  22. Manon Reply

    I went with my mum and the first time I got 5 and then my mum got 9 and then the second time I got 4 and my mum got 10.:)

  23. Helen Reply

    I loved my dad got 21 ball at the most and I got 10 at the most most!

  24. Lucia Reply

    On Monday,I was helping out for the 20:20 table tennis.

  25. Freddie Reply

    I didn’t have a go but still looked good. 🙂

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