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DT Enrichment Day

Today in class 5 we designed and made a pizza for an Italian astronaut called Samanatha Cristoforetti. We used toppings to create the italian flag on our pizza. Do you like it? Class 5 enjoyed tasting it!!!

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  1. ela cicek Reply

    I liked making pizza .It was fun .I enjoyed eating the pizza

  2. morgan Reply

    I realy enjoyed making the pizza and eating it!

  3. ela cicek Reply

    thank you for letting use making pizza.miss clayton

  4. morgan Reply

    I liked making the pizza!

  5. Elliot Reply

    I really enjoyed DT enrichment day I wish we could do it again now I know lots more!

  6. Eurwen Parry Reply

    It was very fun making pizza

  7. hugo Reply

    I loved dt anrichment day

  8. maddy Reply

    I loved making the pizzas! They tasted delicious and were really FUN to make!

  9. Katarina Reply

    I enjoyed doing this.

  10. Annie Reply

    Thankyou for letting class 5 make pizza I realy enjoyed it.

  11. ellissia Reply

    i love pizza. but did not get to make it.

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