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All of the children in Class 6 started to use their e-mail accounts yesterday which Miss Bird kindly set up for them. The children loved writing and sending e-mails to me and other children in class – such excitement! We will learn more about using our e-mail and the other apps over the coming months. Do you like having a school e-mail account Class 6?

Miss Land.

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  1. Callum Reply

    I really enjoyed sending e-mails.

  2. annabelle Reply

    i like having an Email its cool 😀

  3. Dinithi Reply

    I really enjoy having e-mails

  4. Mrs Steel Reply

    What do you know about using emails safely? Is there anything you should or shouldn’t do when emailing?

  5. laura Reply

    I really really really like the emails!

  6. ISSI and ANNABELLE Reply

    we both love EMAIL Email us NOW

  7. pujani Reply

    Ilove having E-Mails to!

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