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This week we have been looking at ways to prepare for an Earthquake. If you could have an Earthquake kit to help you survive, which five items would you choose?

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  1. Lewkas Reply

    I would choose a:tinned food,water,light,pan and a nintendo!
    .tinned food,to eat.
    .water,to drink.
    .torch,to light up dark places.
    .pan,to keep rocks off my head.
    .nintendo,to keep me occupied!

  2. Mollie Reply

    I would choose:
    1)A tent to take shelter in
    2)Toy(talking bunneary from pokemon)to keep me company
    3)Canned food and can opener so I won’t starve
    4)Water so I don’t get dehydration
    5)Wind up radio so I can hear if an earthquake is coming and how long it will last

  3. Lucia Reply

    I will choose :caned food ,water ,torch, deck of cards and a first aid kit because then you could help yourself from dying.

  4. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I would choose teddy bear,torch light,water,medical kit and the fire thing.

  5. Sophie Reply

    The 5 things that I would choose for my earthquake kit are water so I don’t dehydrate, a wrench to turn off water pipes, canned food and a can opener so that I don’t have to cook the food, a torch to see where I am going and a first aid kit so if somebody gets hurt I can try to help them.

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      Have you found a second way for the Countdown yet Sophie?!

  6. Chelsea Reply

    I would choose a:

    .First aid kit
    .Teddy bear
    .Tined food

  7. Helen Reply

    1.First aid kit 2.Water bottles 3.Torch 4.Canned food 5.Radio

  8. Harry Reply

    In my earthquake kit
    1.lots of water
    2.fist aid kit
    3.Tent stove
    5.lots of food

  9. ben brannigan Reply

    infinite water, infinite food, an impenetrable underground bunker, disco ball[to keep it light and funky at the same time], and patch my favourite sibling

  10. Millie Reply

    1.1 gallon of water->to stop you getting dehydrated

    2.canned food->so you won’t starve

    3.first aid kit->if anyone injures them selves extinguisher->in case of a fire

    5.torch->to light the place up

  11. Ella Reply

    1.8 Bottles of water
    2.5 tins of Canned food
    3.First aid kit
    4.Mini helmet
    5.A flash light to see in the dark

  12. Onett Reply

    I would choose bottles of water in case there is no water supply.
    A first aid kit in case anybody get hurt.
    Tinned food in case we stayed there for days.
    A torch because it would come in handy for finding you’re way out of the building.
    A fire extinguisher in case there is a fire.

  13. Freddie Reply

    sounds scary to me.

  14. Helen Reply

    It was really exciting I felt I was almost in it!

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