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Easter Maths Problems

Hi Class 6!

I hope you’ve not been eating too much chocolate this Easter holiday!

Have a go at the following Easter word problems. There will be a prize for whoever gets all three correct! Good luck – Miss Land.


1. The Easter Bunny buys a new basket for £1.45 and a pack of fluffy Easter chicks for £2.27. He pays with a £5 note. How much change does he get?

2. The Easter Bunny starts off with 100 eggs in his basket. At the first house he drops off 27 eggs, and at the second house he drops off 19. He then decides he doesn’t have enough so buys another 34. How many eggs are in his basket now?

3. The Easter Bunny has 5 boxes that he needs to fill equally with his 75 eggs. How many eggs will go in each box?

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  1. Bethan (school council co-chair) Reply

    qestion one:3.72

  2. tia Reply


    2.98 eggs

    Tia (:

    • tia Reply

      15 eggs

  3. Bethan (school council co-chair) Reply

    qestion two:94 eggs

  4. Bethan (school council co-chair) Reply

    qestion three: 75/5=15

  5. bo Reply


  6. callie Reply

    1 372 2 88 3 15

  7. oscar Reply


  8. oscar Reply


  9. oscar Reply

    2nd correct!

  10. class6 Reply

    Well done to Bethan, Tia, Bo, Callie and Oscar for having a good go at these problems. You have some correct! However, no-one has yet got all three correct! Have another look at question 1… I have the prize waiting for whoever manages it! – Miss Land.

  11. Helen Reply

    1.£1.28 2.88

  12. Alexander Reply

    2nd:88 eggs
    3rd:15 eggs in each box
    From Alexander
    I sent this at 5:37 according to my kindle

  13. Alexander Reply

    If I put 5:38 I meant 4:38 because my kindle was set to the Serbian time and I copied that time.

  14. class6 Reply

    Well done to Helen in Class 5 and Alexander in Class 6. Please come and see me on Monday for a prize! – Miss Land.

  15. isabella Reply

    2.88 eggs in his basket
    3.15 boxes

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