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Egyptian Word Problems!

We had great fun sharing our Egyptian Maths Word Problems with each other today. Can you give an example of a very difficult word problem question you made up?

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Mr Currie loves those Egyptian word problems…. Was it his idea? He’s crazy about them you know Class 8! Just ask him…

  2. Dylan Reply

    I liked mine but Tom Carters were very tricky!

  3. William Reply

    Unfortunately I cant remember mine but they were all about division , multiplying, adding and subtracting!

  4. Joseph Reply

    Cleopatra had 96,367,821 gold rings and 39,715 silver. Tutankhamen has 72,816,538 rings in total he has 19,816,538 silver how many more rings does Cleopatra have??? 🙂

  5. Mae Reply

    a pyramid took 15 years to build, how many days did it take?

  6. Zuzanna Reply

    I had an area and perimeter question in mine! It went something along these lines… A base of a pyramid is in the shape of a rectangle one pair is 12cm long and the other is 9 cm what will be the area and perimeter? Something like that!

  7. lucas Reply

    If one pyramid is 546,11 meters tall how many is two pyramids.

  8. Holly Reply

    I made up a word problem all about fractions. The day we shared the word problems, I loved to find out the answer for all of the problems given.

  9. dom Reply

    i enjoyed doing the egyptian word problems because lucas made the so hard

  10. dom Reply

    i enjoyed doing the egyptian word problems because he made them so hard like 65 times 6

  11. Ava Reply

    One of my word problems was…

    If Cleopatra had 64 servants but 16 of them died of the plague. What percentage of servants does she have left.

  12. libby Reply

    Everyone’s word problems were great !

  13. Jaimie Reply

    I made up 263 farmers each dug a canal 3,754 meters long. How long were the canals altogether?

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